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March 12, 2012 2 comments

Welcome to the WEA conference on Economics in Society: The Ethical Dimension. On behalf of everyone involved in putting the conference together I would like to thank all our contributors, as well as all those who submitted papers we had no room to include. The amount of thought represented here is very extensive and is testimony to the issue and to its need for a proper airing. I am especially pleased to see we have a number of contributions from outside the economics profession itself. That fresh perspective is much needed and much appreciated. I am also sure our authors are keen to hear from the WEA community – this kind of discussion was one of the reasons that prompted us to form the WEA a few months back.

There is  much to debate and comment upon. It is not too late to register in order to comment, so please go ahead and join in.

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How to take part in the WEA online ethics conference

March 11, 2012 6 comments

Welcome to the first online conference of the World Economic Association, on ‘Economics in Society: the Ethical Dimension’. The papers will be posted in four groups; each group contains papers dealing with a related topic or topics. These groups are listed below, and you will find the abstracts, along with instructions on how to take part in the conference, here: List of papers and abstracts for the WEA ethics conference 2012, updated March 8 (note this has changed since March 5th to incorporate minor corrections and an additional paper)

Key points:

  1. To take part you will need to register. Click on the button to the right of this post. If you are already registered, you won’t see the button. In that case, don’t worry about this step.
  2. We will post the papers in groups, starting tonight. To allow time to read them, we propose that the discussion should begin on March 12th. You can post comments before then, but we propose to hold them until the start of the discussion. We may start earlier if a lot of comments begin piling up, but the general idea is to allow time to absorb what’s being said – there are 24 papers in all, which is a lot to read.
  3. To leave a comment, find the post containing the paper or group of papers that you’d like to comment on. Underneath you will find the comment form. Click on this, and submit your comment.
  4. Comments will be moderated to ensure they are neither illegal nor hateful, and that they are relevant. Spam will be deleted, usually automatically. There will be a delay, therefore, between when you make your post and when it appears. We will try to make this delay as short as possible.
  5. The purpose of the conference is to discuss the papers and the issues they raise. This is a new venture and to some extent experimental: we suggest you treat it somewhat like a normal conference – for example, address questions to the authors, comment on or critique what the papers say, respond to other commentators, and work together to help clarify what is at stake. The WEA is committed to pluralism, which means you should recognise the legitimacy of views that differ from yours, even though you can of course express your disagreement as you see fit. So try to be courteous and respectful to others taking part, even if you disagree with them.

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